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What is your Next Step?
We offer Solutions for Life Transition:

Divorce or Separation - learn more
Separation and divorce can undo the best financial plans; proper planning during the divorce process will ease the financial burden on you and your family both now and in the future.

• Learning how to move from chaos to order in divorce or separation
• Determine and implement an equitable divorce settlement

Taking full advantage of each stage of life - learn more
You can adapt more easily to life’s changes if you can consider the long and short term effects on your life goals.

• How do I move from student to marriage to family to retirement?
• Are there simple steps I can take to protect my assets and/or my family?
• Do I have enough money to retire?

Owning and developing your small business
- learn more
For many Canadians, owning their own business makes their dream of financial freedom a reality.

• Do you "run" your company or does it consume your time and energy?
• What is your definition of success?
• Do you have a plan to ensure your business survives you, is passed on or is saleable?

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“The only thing constant in life is change”  

François de la Rochefoucauld

Wendy possesses a natural curiosity which has made her a quick learner, especially when a clearer understanding is beneficial to her clients and associates. She is genuinely interested in people, looking for the good in everyone she deals with, regardless of status or circumstance. In this respect Wendy is most remarkable.”

Chris Fornssler, Saskatoon

"Wendy has the vision to capture the big picture in business, the enthusiasm to create the excitement and the professionalism and skills to sustain it all as she and the owners to set a course to make it happen. She is a pleasure to work with and her perceptive eye on a growing business is inspirational."

Ron and Lynn Adam, RLG Inc. Calgary, Alberta

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Solutions for Life Transitions

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